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Inventohack to VLEs

Inventohack enables VLEs with our patented product ' Farmer Buddy' which is a quick
soil testing device that covers 1 acre of land in 15 mins. This device detects soil nutrients and gives additional
data required for specific decision like crop recommendation, suggestions, predictions, and prescription of
Fertilizer/ Microbes/Organic Fertilizers. A VLE don't buy this device if he doesn’t want to he can take it
instalments with revenue sharing model.
Also, we provide him certified organic and inorganic Seeds/ Fertilizers/ Microbes/ Insecticides/ Pesticides/
Growth Stimulants and more. This enables him to sell these things with specific dosage to the farmer as per soil
report and give him opportunity to make a good trading income too.

VLEs to Farmers

VLEs reach to farmers and offer them services directly. They are the one who gets paid from the farmers and then forward the payment to us. The Services Involved are:
• Soil Testing
• Consultation
• Crop Recommendation
• Prescription and Dilution of Fertilizer according to chosen Crop and Soil report.
• Selling Seeds/ Fertilizers/ Microbes/ Insecticides etc.
• Saving Cost of Fertilizer.
• Decreasing Failure Risk.
• Incrementing production of Crops organically.
• Giving Certification to the Crop.
• Helping them to sell their products on best

Farmer Buddy

Farmer Buddy

• Advance soil analysis with 25+ soil nutrition data.
• 1st Electrochemical based soil testing Probe.
• Gives soil report of 1 acre land in 15 mins.
• Suggests most profitable crops.
• Predicts investment and return of investment prior sowing the seed.
• Helps you making decisions based on real-time data precisely.
• Digital monitoring and Dashboard to connect. you to your farm virtually.
• Helps in increasing production and quality of the crop.
• Gives the best dilution ratio for organic and chemical fertilizers.

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